Radio Tracking

The Ferry Bluff Eagle Council (FBEC) began radio tracking wild Bald Eagles in the winter of 2001. The tracking project was implemented in order to enhance the existing understanding on the wintering eagle population in Sauk Prairie and to provide insight about the habitat requirements and limitations of eagles throughout the winter.

The radio tracking study is being conducted at a time when the Sauk Prairie area is beginning to see an influx of development with the expansion of State Highway 12 from a 2-lane to a 4-lane road by the year 2005. This study benefits Sauk Prairie area planners and the local community by acting as an information database on how eagles use the area.

The purpose of the project is twofold; 1) to examine the ecological needs of bald eagles and how Sauk Prairie meets those needs, and 2) to examine the economic factors involved in maintaining the Sauk Prairie area as a vital bald eagle wintering area. Understanding how eagles use this wintering ground as well as how people value eagles in this area will ultimately lead to the productive eagle habitat protection.

Eagle Tracking
Eagle capture and tracking
Locations of Radio Tracked Eagles tagged in Sauk City, WI 2000-2003
Wild eagle radio tracking locations in Sauk Prairie 2001-2003