It is difficult to mistake an adult Bald Eagle for any other bird, because of its distinctive white head and tail and it’s immense six to eight-foot wingspan. But immature Bald Eagles aren’t so easy to distinguish because they don’t acquire the snow white head and tail feathers until they’re four to five years old. Immature Bald Eagles have varying amounts of white mottling all over, often with distinct white patches in their wing linings. First-year birds tend to be quite dark. The amount of white in their coloring increases each year until they become the gorgeous birds we’re all familiar with.

Bald Eagles weigh from 8 – 14 pounds. Adult males and females look alike, except females are larger. Wingspan is 6 1/2 to 8 feet. Bill and eyes are dark in young birds, yellow in adults.

Eagles spend the majority of their time in winter perched in trees, conserving their energy. Only about 2% of their time is spent flying and feeding.

Eagles can live to be 20 – 30 years old.

Eagle eyesight is 6 – 8 times better than humans.

Eagles can fly 50 – 60 mph.

Visit the FBEC Overlook along Water Street in Prairie du Sac to see the educational display and a map showing the best spots to view our Bald Eagles. Remember to respect the eagle’s need for space: stay in your car and use it as a blind when not at the Overlook. Do not ever approach eagles on foot. Thank you!

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