Eagle Tour User Guide

Where Are the Eagles Now? Find Out Here:

Wisconsin River Wintering Eagle Watch Tour

The Eagle Watch Tour uses mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android phone to guide you to eagle viewing areas along the Lower Wisconsin River. The tour is broken into two sections, one for the upper portion of the Lower Wisconsin River and the other for the lower portion of the Lower Wisconsin River, with both tours starting at the Sauk-Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce in Sauk City, Wisconsin.  Which tour should you take?  Click on the “See the Eagle Roost Counts” button on this web page for eagle roost counts to see where the eagles are located.

To take either tour, simply open a browser on your mobile device (Safari, Google, Firefox, or whatever you have).  In the browser search bar enter the following exactly as it appears below:

Here is what this looks like in Safari for Tour 1.  You see a list of the tour stops (the first stop is at the Chamber of Commerce), and a START button that takes you to the first stop, but before you do that, scroll down to see the description of the tour.  Note that if you enter the link shown above on your home computer, you can print out the description to read ahead of time.

f you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see a map of the tour.  There is also a button for obtaining DIRECTIONS to the tour, and a button to GENERATE PRINTABLE MAP.  Of course, we’d love to have you SHARE your tour experience.

Note also the REVERSE ORDER button.  Clio suggests a path from tour stop to tour stop and this button simply reverses the order, but you need not follow Clio’s route if that is not convenient for you – just travel from tour stop to stop in any way that you’d like.

Now go back to the very top of the tour description page and click the START button to begin the tour.  This takes you to the start of the tour (the same starting point for both tours).  The PREV and NEXT buttons allow you to move from one stop to the next on the tour.  The Text-to-speech Audio button will read the tour stop introduction to you.  You may see the waiting approval message on this page.  All Clio entries are reviewed by the Clio team, so this just means that the approval for this stop is still being worked on.  Scrolling down this page provides maps, directions, photos, and a Backstory and Context for this stop which provides more detail, which can also be played as audio.  You will also see links to websites that can tell you more about the stop, the Eagle Watch Tour, and eagles in general.

This completes our brief guide to using Clio to take the Eagle Watch Tour.  There are features of Clio that we have not covered here, so please feel free to experiment.  Clio is free to the public and easy to use, so if you feel like making your own tour go to their home page (theclio.com) to watch their tutorials on how to do this.